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Building squash
Courts in Asheville

Asheville's growing population hails from around the country and around the world.  But, Asheville doesn't have squash courts to call its own! 

Squash has long shed its legacy of being a bastion of the northeast big city, ivy league set. In fact, squash has been on a steady march southward with new squash facilities built in the last decade in Charlottesville, Atlanta, Durham, Chapel Hill, Charlotte and Chattanooga. Let's add Asheville to that list!

There are several scenarios in which we can bring courts to Buncombe county.  Converting existing racquetball courts into squash courts is a quick and economical approach to providing squash facilities.  This can result in a revival of an underused facility and a new revenue stream for host racquet clubs.  Alternately, taking an existing space, be it a warehouse/light industrial space or under used area of an existing sports club and building new courts provides the superstructure and environmentals for regulation courts to be built. 

Be in touch if you are interested in building squash courts or playing squash in Western North Carolina.   

Looking forward to talking squash with you!

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